Antiragging Committee is constituted in the institution with the aim of ensuring ragging free campus. The course is apply with the regulations of UGC and directives of Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University. It conducts regular interaction and counseling with the students for detecting early signs of ragging and identification of trouble-triggers. The committee members conduct surprise inspection in hostels, canteens, rest cum recreational rooms and take relevant measures which would auger well in preventing ragging. It organises antiragging workshops, seminars and other creative avenues thereby spread the idea. The committee is headed by the head of institution and had representation of civil and police administration, parents, students belong to fresher categories and senior students, non teaching staff and shall have a diverse mix of membership in terms of levels as well as genders. It is the duty of Antiragging Committee to nominate an antiragging squad and to conduct enquiry into any incidence submit report to the head of institution for further action.

  1. Dr. A. Sakuntala ( Chairman, Anti- Ragging Committee)
  2. Dr. D. Britto Wilbert Dhas
  3. Dr. M. Vidhya
  4. Dr. C. Sundara Alagappan
  5. Dr. C. Subha Pradha
  6. Dr. R. Poornima
  7. Dr. Jabitha V Robby
  8. Dr. C. Caldwell Jobu

  1. Dr. A. Alphonse Immanuvel (Convenor, Anti – Ragging Squad)
  2. Dr. M. Mithun Kumar (Nodal Officer, Anti – Ragging Squad)
  3. Dr. N. Naveen Kumar
  4. Dr. G. Srinivasan
  5. Dr. S. Nithya
  6. Dr. G. R. Ragi Kamal
  7. Dr. T. Madhavi Chandra
  8. Dr. K. S. Pavithra
  9. Dr. P. Pavithra
  10. Rep – Civil and Police

Convenor, Anti-Ragging Squad


Nodal Officer, Anti-Ragging Squad.